it’s been a while
come let’s share a smile
like we used to.
sitting across each other
separated only by tiny tables weighed by mighty booze.

you are fine
now autos don’t pass you by
servers drop jaws more than glasses
and life’s a little more understanding of you
net positive is the way to live

id write to you more
if I knew you
but I don't
and if I let my imagination run wild
that’s the kind of trouble I only allow
between my ears, behind my eyes.




Tu tum nahi tu tu hai
mere liye tu ruh ruh mein aaj kal
par befizool hai

tujhse dheere dheere doori badni chahiye ab toh
phir ye roz roz ki aadat beech mein aa jati hai
teri yaad dila jaati hai

teri photos dekhne par gussa bul-bula jaata hai fir se
main teri yaad ko abaad kar
thoda sukoon mein khone ki koshish karti hun

(Publishing this incomplete because these emotions were emoted in a time and space I can’t recreate again.)



Are everywhere.
You don't have to work hard to find them.
The mirror’s just a peak away.

Mostly disguised in the “unconventional”
Wrapped in their own lies
For themselves, of themselves and by themselves.

The truth is I’m boring.
And boring people hate other boring people.
We are all driven to the interesting.

Different from us.
Poles apart.
So much so that anxiety hits.

That’s what gets our adrenaline to rush.
Funny, that it doesn't take much.
Sad, that loathing takes all of us.



Dheema meetha ho tum,
Pata nahi kaise
meethe se bhi meetha hota hai ye
Tumhe toh meetha bhi pasand hai,
shayad isiliye.

Dheema meetha achappam jaisa
Kadak kamzori hai vo bhi meri
Mann karta hai tumhe batau ye analogy
Par fir lagta hai zyada ho jayega
Dheema meetha ka ulta ho jayega

Dheema meetha baaton ke beech muskurane jaisa
Jiski na maloom mujhe vajah, kuch vaisa
Sehat ke liye bhi kaafi acha hota hai ye
Dheema meetha diabetes jo nahi deta

Ek lammmbi si saans
jo tumhara ehsaas le aaye mujh tak,
Ya jab kandhein mere tumhare ke peeche chale.
Tedhe aksharon se yun aur kayi
cheesy cheezo ki baatein kardun,
Seedhe muhn ye -
Mere liye dheema meetha ho tum
aur vo sab jo hai tum tak.



srishti sarkar

…and you get an unasked piece, and you get an unasked piece, aaand you!